The Fatigue-o-Meter

A prominent feature of this blog is the header: the fatigue-o-meter.

It is obviously in relation to the “ME” part of the title. For a long time I haven’t wanted to explicitly define myself by diachronic health issues: but it’s tough when such issues dictate and define your life. The best thing, I think, is to explain them in context to the rest of your life. CFS is like the header to this blog- you’ll see it every time you log in and sometimes it will change, but the blog content and posts are the important things. Hopefully I can do my part in defining CFS, rather than it defining me.

Disclaimer aside, the meter in the header is a tribute to, and a variation on, a meme*¹ created by one of the leading academics in cultural evolution. Simon Kirby, Professor of Evolutionary Linguistics*² in the LEL (Linguistics & English Language) Department and LEC (Language Evolution and Computational Research Unit)  at the University of Edinburgh collaborated with some colleagues to create a memetic moody musical armoire called Cybraphon.

To cut a long story short, Cybraphon is a cupboard full of old instruments that play tunes according to Cybraphon’s mood. He can connect to the internet and check how many hits he has received on Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. He is in a good mood when he has lots of internet interest and in a low mood when no one has been checking him out for a few days. Learn more about Cybraphon here.

Make me happy!

Cybraphon's mood-o-meter, along with the emotional genre of his music indicates how much internet love he has received.

Like Cybraphon’s mood meter changes, my meter will change too (However I like to think that my swings are not quite as vanity based as Cybraphon!). It should, if it works, reflect the actual state of affairs regarding my energy levels in real life. The only potential flaw I see with this is that when the meter should be hovering around the -50 mark I won’t be in a fit state to fiddle around with the blog.

Having said that, it is CFS which has prevented me from having a blog in the past. Will I have the time and energy to type up my thought? What if I am not able to blog for long periods of time? Rather than being one more thing to worry about, the Fatigue-o-Meter will be a relatively easy thing to change even if I am not able to write. And if it’s anywhere near wiped out for a period of time you will no why there has been a lack of updates (and if the meter reaches that area it is likely to not be a short space of time). I will try to find away of showing when the header was last updated.

For now though, at least, I am ticking along and it is great to finally get blogging.

*¹ Or should that be teme?
*² A sub-field destined to become a reoccurring theme in this blog.

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New blog: ME, Myself & I-Language | Why the name?

Why the name?

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)*, I’m a student and do other things to keep my life interesting, my internal dialogue (or monologue?) rarely switches off and I study linguistics (undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh).

That’s enough deconstruction of the title of this blog. Basically I want it to be approached as a) a resource for others, particularly students, with CFS b) a personal blog and c) a little bit about linguistics. The latter will probably comprise of more abstract musings that don’t make other. more official, linguistics blogs that I (plan to) contribute to.

*CFS and ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) are the same syndrome, however CFS obviously doesn’t work in the title pun.
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